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STEM Women Congress


Create opportunities through science. This initiative is driven by STEM STARS.

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General Director

Managing Director

Dona Tech

Business Consultant


General director

Journalist & CEO

Engineer and CEO

Digital Marketing Director


Professor and researcher

Computer Interaction researcher. Technology strategist

Program Manager

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Board Director.

Chief of the Internationalization and Knowledge Generation Area (AQU)

Gaia SOC Operations Team Leader at European Space Agency - ESAC/ESA

Sales Enablement Manager in Ricoh

Director of IECISA in Catalonia. Member of the Executive Committee in CTecno

First Prize in the Technovation Challenge contest, in the Junior category


About Us

STEM WOMEN CONGRESS (SWC), wants to create a joint action plan for the first time, between all the institutions and organizations that support the STEM field and the feminine field. The goal is to achieve a world of equal opportunities between men and women.



The world will increasingly be more technological and the power will be in companies highly intensive in STEM knowledge.

We believe in a world with equal opportunities. So that, we need to place also women in the power positions.


Unify efforts in the combination of initiatives that exist and jointly establish global objectives that we carry out among all.

Encourage more women to opt for STEM careers.

You are interested in SWC if you’re a:

  • STEM Univeristy student finishing
  • up your last courses
  • Young professional
  • Senior professional
  • Headhunter
  • HR Professional
  • Consultant
  • Center of studies
  • STEM publication
  • Etc..


09:00 h Accreditation

09:30 h WELCOME

Ramon Pellicer, journalist

Eva Díaz,

Gemma Fargas, Vicerectora de la UPC

Núria Ramon, directora del Institut Català de la Dona

Joana Barbany, Directora General de Societat Digital a la Generalitat de Catalunya

10:00 h SWC FORUM

The objective of the SWC Forum

Judith Palmés, Managing Director. Business Consulting. Accenture

Diagnosis of the Catalan situation

Anna Prades, Jefa del Área de Internacionalización y Generación del Conocimiento de la Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya (AQU)

Dones TIC Baròmetre

Susana Prado, Directora de Cataluña de IECISA y miembro del comité ejecutivo del CTecno

The proposal of the strategic board command

Mar Porras, Sales Enablement Manager, Ricoh

Next steps

Susanna Carmona, Director of Mútua dels Enginyers


Coffee Break and networking dynamic

Clara Lapiedra, CEO de Marlin Capital Partners y Fundadora de la comunitat

11:45 h STEM TALKS

11:45 h TALK 1: Talking to the future

Gina Tost, journalist

Ainara Torras, Candela Baronet, Elisa Castillo, Laia Roig i Martina Alvarez de Lara (Brave Minds-Technovation Challenge)

12:10 h TALK 2: Motherhood, glass ceiling barriers?

Vanessa Estorach, Digital Marketing Director for Channels & Platforms, Strategist, Co-founder of Women in Mobile

12:30 h TALK 3: Women and STEM

Eli Abad, socia y miembro del Consejo en Between Technology

12:50 h TALK 4: Technology trends

José Mariano López, Founder and CEO at Zero 2 Infinity

13:10 h TALK 5: Women entrepreneurship

Helena Torras, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Board Director. Shifting Mindsets. GameChanger. DotConnector


“S” of Science

Elisabet Vilella, Professor and researcher at Universitat Rovira i Virgili

“T” of Technology

Mara Balestrini, CEO at Ideas for Change. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher and a technology strategist

“E” of Engineering

Ana de la Rosa, Program Manager in HP Inc

“M” of Mathematics

Rocio Guerra, Gaia SOC Operations Team Leader at European Space Agency – ESAC/ESA


SWC Forum


SWC Network


STEM Talks


Stem Women Congress Barcelona

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