STEM Women Congress and Women in Tech Ghana guide students to promote business projects

Students from more than 40 universities will participate next October in a meeting organized by the RWTH Achen University in Germany. The objective for all students is to be able to share their business projects with investors and companies in an attempt to secure financing for their start-up.

14 teams from tertiary institutions in Ghana Will participate in a first stage of the competition, which will decide who will travel to Berlin to be present in the final phase of the competition. The University of Ghana at Legon has hosted this first phase, bringing together entrepreneurially minded students from various institutions. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their full potential. In addition, it is the first time that African students participate in this event organized by the RWTH Achen University.

STEM Women Congress and Women in Tech Ghana have offered a session to the participating students to give them tools and knowledge to focus their projects, and to empower all the students who present their proposals in the contest.

Helena Torres, one of the most influential women in Europe in the field of startups and venture capital, and one of the 100 digitization leaders in Spain and EUTOP50 investor, has given her full support to the students by explaining how an innovative mindset is built in a tech start-up. On her side, Mar Porras, Sales Enablement Manager at Ricoh Spain, a leading technology company in the digitization of the workplace, and member of the Executive Board of the STEM Women Congress; and Neema Balolebwami Nelly, data scientist and economist, have explained to listeners the importance of applying a diversity plan in their business ventures.

Finally, Eli Tremps, an expert in innovative and international projects in the energy, IoT and health sectors, and Skye Sooji Kim, very active in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, have explained to the students how to focus their business projects to develop in German culture, since both have professional experience in this country.

The event has been host by Eva Díaz, CEO at STEM Women Congress and journalist with a long professional career, who has encourage all participants to dream big and not give up on their business projects.

The selected winners will travel to Berlin, to compete with more than forty-five teams from Germany and other European universities, and will have the chance to win more than three million euros in prizes, as well as investor training programs to help develop their ideas. In 2022, twenty teams from forty universities across Europe presented their business ideas to 25 business partners in Berlin.

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