Visibility and promotion of the
talent on the STEM field

What do we do?


We collect registration data for STEM majors, grouping majors according to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We also collect the initiatives that are being carried out in the STEM WOMEN sector and compare both data to study the correlation between the promotion of initiatives and the results.


Every year we organize a meeting spot for companies, initiatives and STEM institutions, in order to make visible and promote the feminine talent on the STEM field.


To celebrate Women’s Day in Spain (March 8th), we have created an event for families and kids to give visibility to the female role models on the STEM fields.


As a result of our work as a visibility platform for the feminine talent in the STEM sectors, we have created a directory in order to ease the schools, institutions and companies work into the access to women who can be STEM feminine role models.


Para asegurarnos de que logramos nuestro objetivo, hemos proporcionado esta plataforma con una aplicación móvil que permite a cada usuario conectar toda la red de STEM WOMEN.


We encourage companies, institutions, schools and other organisations to promote the STEM and specially to promote feminine talent in this sector. As a result, we help organizing events in the STEM women network. We also want to be an online media for the STEM sector and specially for the initiatives that promote feminine talent in the STEM sectors.

We believe in a world
with equal opportunities.
That’s why we need to place
women in power positions too.

The world will get more and more technological and the power will be in the companies with high STEM knowledge.

We join forces in the combination of initiatives that exist and jointly establish worldwide goals that we put to term all together. We encourage more women to choose STEM careers.

You will be interested in STEM Women Congress if you are:

A company, institution or initiative that promotes de reduction of the gender gap in the STEM sectors

Middle school,  high school and College/University professoriate

Schools and training centers

Professionals and entrepreneurs

Families and members of the AMPA

College/University and Job Training students of STEM majors that are attending their last school year

Headhunters and HR

Setting goals is the first step
to make visible the invisible