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>The Brave Minds

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The Brave Minds

The Brave Minds is a group formed by 5 ten-year-old Catalan girls: Ainara, Candela, Laia, Martina and Elisa. They took part in the Technovation Challenge contest, classified for the international semifinal and won a prize for the application they created, called +Válidos. The aim of the Technovation Challenge is to help girls to find a solution to modern problems through technology. The girls invented an application for smarthphones and they got inspired by the famous Spanish movie “Campeones”. The girls don’t want disabled people to be excluded by society. For them, this is one of the biggest problems in our world. The population lack of sensitivity towards people with disabilities makes it very hard for them to make friends. That is why The Brave Minds created the +Válidos app. This app is both for people with and without disabilities; its aim is to put people in touch, in order to establish a friendship and do activities together. As the 5 girls says, this social app allows people to enjoy a unique and enriching experience interacting with people with different capacities.