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>Ramon Pellicer

About The Speaker

Ramon Pellicer

Ramon Pellicer is one of the most known men in Catalonia. He graduated in Journalism at the Barcelona Autonomous University, and his career has always been linked to TV. He started working on TV in 1988, at TV3, the public Catalan TV channel. Between 1993 and 1997, Ramon worked at Televisión Española, where he took charge of the hosting, edition and co-direction of the news program. In 1995, he moved up to be the director of the program, while he was also working in another TV Show. Three years later, in 1998, he returned to TV3, where he hosted and led different programs, for example, Entre Línies. In 2007, he started leading and editing the night TV news, which has the highest ratings in Catalonia. He's also worked at radio stations as Rac 1, and founded a TV production company called Sticaki, which has been producing Entre Línies for 10 years. Currently, Ramon is the executive producer of Entre Línies, but he also hosts and runs the midday and night news of the weekend in TV3.