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STEM Women Congress


Create opportunities through science. This initiative is driven by STEM STARS.


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Stem Talks


New & creative ideas

SWC TALKS will consist of 15-minute short speeches where voice will be given to the talent of STEM professionals. New ideas, creative formulas, debate and provocation in a platform where professionals can talk while interacting with other colleagues in their profession. Specific challenges will be addressed in STEM professional profiles, with firsttier speakers.

15 minutes



11:45 h STEM TALKS

11:45 h TALK 1: Talking to the future

Gina Tost, journalist

Ainara Torras, Candela Baronet, Elisa Castillo, Laia Roig i Martina Alvarez de Lara (Brave Minds-Technovation Challenge)

12:10 h TALK 2: Motherhood, glass ceiling barriers?

Vanessa Estorach, Digital Marketing Director for Channels & Platforms, Strategist, Co-founder of Women in Mobile

12:30 h TALK 3: Women and STEM

Eli Abad, socia y miembro del Consejo en Between Technology

12:50 h TALK 4: Technology trends

José Mariano López, Founder and CEO at Zero 2 Infinity

13:10 h TALK 5: Women entrepreneurship

Helena Torras, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Board Director. Shifting Mindsets. GameChanger. DotConnector

Each TALK will raise issues that generate debate. It is time to position ourselves.

Fast Time, STEM answers.




Do you want to be a speaker?

If you think it's important to work to achieve a world of equal and just opportunities. Can you help us make this happen?
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