Susanna Carmona


Electronic, Electricity and Industrial Physics, Management


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Susana Carmona graduated in Electronic, Electricity and Industrial Physics in 1994 at the University of Barcelona, and studied a Master in Management of Financial and Insurance Entities at the UB, as well as another Master in Taxation and Tax Advice at the Centre of Financial Studies; she specialized in General Management at the EAE Business School. Susanna is very fond both of science and knowledge; that’s why she decided to focus on the insurance sector, as it’s transversal and diverse.

Susanna’s been part of Grup La Mútua dels Enginyers since 1998. She has been at the head of different departments, accumulating more than 10 years of experience as Head of Customer Service Area and also as Technical Director of the insurance brokerage company: Serpreco. For three years, it is the General Director of the company. Even though Susanna’s never worked in the scientific field, she’s always kept science in mind; she believes that the academic training she received has helped her to face challenges in a more analytic and creative way.

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