Marta Nieto Romero


Ciencias Biológicas


Portugués, inglés, español y francés.

Área de Conocimiento


Ámbito geográfico

Lisboa, Portugal

Proyectos en los que he participado

Formo parte de un colectivo llamado Re-imaginary, donde me uní al grupo de investigadores para diseñar y experimentar métodos que ayuden a ampliar horizontes más justos y sociedades más ecológicas. 


I’m a researcher focused on the study of social transformations towards sustainability with a focus on transdisciplinary research and participatory action. I am interested in the connection between natural resource management, social and democratic justice, having made scientific contributions in the area of the “commons”, understood as models of governance and action where citizens participate in the management/care of resources commons from the perspective of (re)producing the “common good”.

In my PhD in Rural Sociology at Wageningen University (completed in 2022), I studied the relationship between community practices in paramos (historic community lands in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula) and the transformation of the current forest paradigm associated with rural fires.

In terms of methodologies, I am interested in participatory methods for the co-production of knowledge, for which I have explored the use of creative tools such as video, photography, drawing or theatricalization with the body to include different ways of looking and expressing in the production of knowledge.

I am currently researcher at SOCIUS and work as a postdoc within the scope of the eGROUNDWATER project, where I participate in a participatory research process to catalyze more participatory and sustainable forms of underground and water management in the Algarve (Southern Portugal).

I have contributed to teaching at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels, with classes on scientific communication and teamwork, on participatory methods in the management of natural resources and on participatory and creative methodologies in social sciences for doctoral students.

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