Mariana Tavernari




Inglés, español y portugués.

Área de Conocimiento


Ámbito geográfico

Lisboa, Portugal

Proyectos en los que he participado

During my work experience I have gone through projects related to user experience, design thinking, knowledge management, collaboration, innovation, internal communication and digital culture. In such projects I had to work in phases that have to do with the design and execution, to planning and design strategies, interacting with areas such as technology, human resources and communication among others.

I teach Design of Narratives in Senac SP. I have also been part of a research group called "Grupo de Estudos de Linguagem: Práticas Midiáticas" at the University of San Pablo. Also I have engaged as a speaker at several events presenting papers, panels and research results related to communication and information technologies, cyberculture and narrative design.


With a degree in Journalism at the University of Sao Paulo (2007), a masters degree in Communication Sciences (2009) and a PhD in Media and Processes Audiovisual (2015) from the School of Communication and Arts of University of San Pablo, I currently employed at Globant where I work in the Design Studio.

I have been working in Research, Strategy, Innovation and Service Design for approximately 10 years. In my previous work I worked as coordinator of the Research Department of the Center School of the Future Research (USP).

In addition to my professional career I have continued my relationship with the academic world. I teach Design of Narratives in Senac SP.

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