Cristina Montserrat Rodríguez


Ingeniería de Montes


Español y Catalán

Área de Conocimiento


Ámbito geográfico

Cataluña, Gerona

Proyectos en los que he participado

He participado en charlas para la Universidad de Lleida sobre STEAM, entre otras charlas a escuelas y universidades.


I have been a businesswoman for more than 10 years promoting the creation of synergies between forests, society, forest property and administrations. Currently, I am Forestry Engineer and the founder-director of the company Entrearbres S.L.P.U., a forestry and environmental engineering consultancy.

I started out in 2013 as a self-employed professional under the business name “entrearbres”. In 2018 I decided to go one step further and establish Entrearbres S.L.P.U. Currently, the headquarters are in Girona, we work throughout  Catalonia and we have begun to work in other Autonomous Communities. I have a team of 6 people and we are growing!

I am passionate about everything that has to do with the activity and promotion of the profession of Forestry Engineer. Therefore, it’s a pleasure for me to be the Dean of the College of Forestry Engineers in Catalonia since 2021, disseminating and defending this beautiful profession.

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