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STEM Women Congress 2021

10 y 11 de NOVIEMBRE 2021

ONLINE y PRESENCIAL (espacio por determinar)


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About Us


We are a platform for visibility and promotion of female talent in the STEM field

We work in 3 diferent areas:


STEM Women Dashboard

We collect enrollment data in STEM careers, grouping the careers according to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We also collect the initiatives that are being carried out in the STEM WOMEN sector and we compare both data to study the correlation between promotion of initiatives and results.


STEM Women Congress

Every year we organize a meeting point for companies, STEM initiatives and Institutions, to make visible and promote female talent in the STEM field.


STEM Women Day

To celebrate the Women’s Day in Spain on the 8th of March, we have create an event for families and children to give visibility to femenine role models in the STEM fields.


Other activities

STEM WOMEN DIRECTORY: As a result of our work as a platform of visibility for the femenine talent in the STEM sectors we have create this directory to make easier the work of schools, institucions or companyies to access to speakers who can be femenine STEM models.

STEM WOMEN NETWORK: To be sure that we accomplish our goal we have provide this platform with a Mobile app that allows every user to connect all the STEM WOMEN network.

STEM EVENTS: We encorauge companies, institutions, schools and others to promote the STEM and specially to promote the femenine talent in this sector. As a result, we help to organize events to the STEM WOMEN NETWORK. We want also to be an online media for the STEM sector and special for the iniciatives that promote the femenine talent in the STEM sectors.

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We believe in a world with equal opportunities.
So that, we need to place also women in the power positions.

The world will increasingly be more technological and the power will be in companies highly intensive in STEM knowledge. Unify efforts in the combination of initiatives that exist and jointly establish global objectives that we carry out among all. Encourage more women to opt for STEM careers.

You are interested in SWC if you’re a:¬†STEM Univeristy student finishing¬†up your last courses,¬†Young professional,¬†Senior professional,¬†Headhunter,¬†HR Professional,¬†Consultant,¬†Center of studies,¬†STEM publication,¬†Etc..

Stem Women Forum

``Setting goals is the first step in making the invisible visible``

Anthony Robbins
We will stablish a strategic agenda and a set of objectives, which allow an annual review. It will include all the initiatives, private or public, that are already being worked on. As well as the gaps that must be filled in.
The SWC FORUM will be a powerful work tool that will allow us to evaluate how we evolve every year. Our objective is ambitious, since we want to scale this initiative at a European and even global level.
Stem Women Network

Because we love creating opportunities

A platform will allow attendees to connect, meetand find. This online platform will facilitate the contact to book 10-minute banks with different attendees of the event. To do this we will have a physical meeting space, which can be reserved and that will facilitate the creation of the: Stem Women Network.
Stem Talks

New & creative ideas

SWC TALKS will consist of 15-minute short speeches where voice will be given to the talent of STEM professionals. New ideas, creative formulas, debate and provocation in a platform where professionals can talk while interacting with other colleagues in their profession. Specific challenges will be addressed in STEM professional profiles, with firsttier speakers.
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